Well, I needed more than the thrills and spills
Of the logs rolling out at the bottom of the mill
Is there gold enough in them Silver Hills for a poor boy like me?

So I went to seek my fortune
Highway 6, Westward ho! - out to the ocean!
Oh, the Gastown smelt -- with no promotion (anywhere in sight!)
   And you can tell Vernon
   That I canned it all, and I headed down the road...

Where I took work a-slingin' sawdust
Town to town, the sad-sacks would all applaud us
But no clown smile is really all that honest
And midway life can drag you down

So I went looking for a land of honey
Where the fields are ripe, and I swear it's always sunny
But the... ewww... ewww... organic poutine just tastes funny
   And you can tell Vernon
   That I said: Soy you later alligator!

I've lapped at the cup of the devil's daughter
On a no-tell jag that I know I ought not oughter
'Cuz my heart pined for the sweeter, sweeter waters
Of Sugar Lake and the Rainbow Falls

And all the claims and boasts, in every bar I've stepped inside
Miners still reeking from that last round of mudslides
Fists flying, blackening the bleary-eyed
   And you can tell Vernon
   To call my barrister, I'm heading back to Cherryville!

   And you can tell Vernon
   You can tell Grady, and Dooley too...
   Checkers, Jenna Rae, Rennie, and Finn (tell 'em all!)...
   That I'm headed back to Cherryville