​Another dirty day has come and gone
There's another headless Barbie in the driveway
I drop my boots by the door
But cannot see through the blanket fort, just where my favorite chair is anymore
Would they notice if I turned right back around?

Right on time, there's a cold one in my hand
As Mister B. tells me: “Money's only made from money”
(If I have to hear that crap again!)
Each night's the same as it's always been: some cards, the kids,  and “Fox or CNN?”
Would they notice? ...just one small step outside

FULTON'S POND  is a little place I knew when I was young
Back when time would stop with every skipping stone
And on a little wooden bridge we'd sit and share our fairest dreams
So if you find - someday - I've up and gone,
I'll be back at Fulton's Pond

That house is filled with the spoils of a life
Father's Day cards and a homemade batch of bug juice
I know there's room for me inside
It's not that there's ever been a time I thought they wouldn't love me till I die 
But, would they notice - if for just tonight?

I know that I've been pushing you aside
But don't you think that you kinda had it coming?
I learned to laugh the way you like
And I made believe that the 9-to-5 was never gonna bury me alive
It may be too late now to ever turn around