Gallon of Dreams

They say: live each day just like it might be your last
Don’t put that trip on me
    Sometimes your tires are bald
    Sometimes you ain’t got tires at all
And sometimes – well, that’s just the way it’s gonna be

The red wing falls down through the trees
I hear the noble-woman scream
She’s been running her whole life
On the same old gallon of gasoline (/dreams)

When you’re running on fumes, and your best ain’t along for the ride
At the close of a long, long day
    An old song on the radio
    A midnight breeze on a lonely road
That’s enough to take your heart away

We all asked ourselves: “Where was she going that night?”
Where else should she have been?
    Stretched out so pale and fair
    Broken glass in her matted hair
And lips so stiff, they’d never sing again