Going on 13
My best friend's coming over to kill some time
Got the whole summer before me
Fire-crackers, and a tent in the back yard
The world is mine

Going on 18
Got a yearbook full of wish-you-wells
Got an 8-track in my new Chevrolet
That's when I started thinking about making my way

It's crazy how the days fly by so fast
When you're dreaming
When you're dreaming this way

And I've heard it said there's no supposed-to-bes
Life's got no guarantees
You try your best not to hold your breath
Then out of the blue, I feel in love with you!

Going on 30
Time to settle up the tab for the days I've had
'Cuz I'm settling down now
Settling in for the night with you
I've got some popcorn in a bowl here,
And a movie on the tube

Going on, just as always
Thirty, Forty... middle-age, 'round the bend
I want to turn that page - with you!
I do

I do