Like when I'm streaking across the lawn
And I'm hoping - yeah, I'm hoping - that before the moment's gone,
That you'll take a peek (if just a peek) - I left the windows open
So you can see me running by  (My my my!)

Like when I'm smiling at the sky
And there's no birds, there's no planes - and there's no clouds there rolling by
I'm just smiling (I'm smiling) - happy to be alive
And that's when you turn your glance my way  --  to see that…

I'm the happiest - I'm the happiest of all
When you're with me, I'm the happiest of all
I'm the happiest of all

Like when I hear you sing my songs
And you're screaming, and you're laughing - and you're fearing it went wrong
But inside (inside) -  I'm on the verge of tears myself
You can't imagine how good that feels

Like when we stay up half the night
Coming up with the strangest jokes that ever did come down the pike
So stop me now (if you've heard, somehow) - the one about the priest and the rabbi
And there was something about a homosexual boy scout troop

And sure, there's times that don't feel so good to me
Like every morning, when I wake up - and there's no one next to me
And I'd cry (I would sigh) - but I really don't see the point to that
Sometimes that's just the way things go

Like when I call you on the phone
And no one answers; no one picks up - well, I guess there's no one home
But I keep trying (keep trying) - I've got to get through to you
Because when I do, I'm on the top of the world!