The clock is wound down - the chair is worn through
Your first pair of sneakers is still brand new
These same four walls can't talk no more
There's no telling what's outside your door

Well, you can come, or you can stay
But enough's enough - I'm leaving today
I'd say I'd write the old “Wish you were here”
But you haven't checked the mail in years

How long are you just gonna sit there?
Waiting for something better to come along
When something better never waits for you

Dishes piled high - the laundry is higher
The trash is going to make a good bonfire
The coffee's gone cold - iced tea is luke warm
This city mouse can't stay on the farm

There once was a time we had races to run
I'll lap you just once more - then I'm done
All of our moments have led to this fate
But your ride is gone - who wants to be late?