Hear, hear, hear!
Would someone tell me where
She got that nickname "Creamy"
Say, was anybody there?
It's dirty, I just know - or so the legend goes
Something 'bout a lighter and an urgent change of clothes

Oh, I want to know more 'bout this gal!
I'd ask Joyce, but she swore she'd never tell

Hot, hot, hot!
She's sizzling, is she not?
With buns, and breasts, and little necks
All in one Insta-Pot
And nothing's as it seems - a cake made out of beans!
Cauliflower riblets topped with soy milk sour cream

Oh, I want to know more 'bout this gal!
With a little yeast, you'll find her raising hell

My, my, my!
Almost every night,
Right before we settle in,
She gives me such a fright
With that CPAP majig - strapped, and cinched, and rigged
Imagine old Darth Vader in a nightgown and wig!

Oh, I want to know more 'bout this gal!
All that heavy breathing makes my saber swell

Ooh, ooh, ooh!
Tell me - what's a guy to do?
She's way beyond my league
And way outside of your league too
I landed me a queen - the best there's ever been
And yet I know there's so much left I've barely even seen

Oh, I want to know more 'bout this gal!
So, cheers to 50! And, while we're at it, here's to 50 more as well!