Morning After

(lyrics by Mike Cisneros, music by Joe)

It’s taken me weeks to feel like this
The moment of your truth is coming soon
What’s passed me by before your kiss:
Hours, flowers, skies filled bright with moon

You couldn’t pick me out of the crowd
That is a wrong I would like to rectify
Is one evening more than I am allowed,
To catch your mind, your heart – if not your eye?

Am I really that simple? Do I fit this profile?
I know I’ll change your mind, if you stay with me a while
Stay with me a while

   I know you fear the morning after – it’s a sickness we all endure
   I just want that morning after
   I don’t understand how you can be so sure
   Ain’t it cold when you wake up alone?

Just because I can win at pool
That doesn’t make me a misspent youth
I studied Wittgenstein in school
Three parts gin, one part vermouth

You don’t need to accept my friends
I just might be the exception
The possibility all depends
On your brand new crystal clear perception