I never thought to wonder where your smiles all came from
We kissed beneath an apple tree, and then you handed me a plum
Tell me: did I ever make you feel as good as you made me?
Sometimes I cannot help but help myself to all I see

With every grain that ever filled the bottom of my glass
I count my share of bad days twice the good that came to pass
But I know keeping score won't set me up to steady my resolve
If at first I don't succeed, there's always Paris in the fall

I never lock my doors at night (I'm not sure if you ever knew)
It's all in case you're ever up, and you think that I might be too
So I'll pour the coffee and pray I don't screw up my "ile flottante"
I'm gonna make you feel that life is rooting for what we want

I stumbled home from digging up another handsome plot
That's when my body swooned, to smell the marrow in your pot
Won't you pry me up and pin me to the whalebone in your stay?
And I'll confess this idler's crimes, and ask for one more day